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Main Branding Services

Branding made to fit your needs

Full Branding

Website + Blog
Bus. Cards + Notecards
Rubber Stamps
Brand Analysis + Strategy

Visual Identity

Main Logo
Alternate Logo(s)
Multiple Logo Marks
Brand Analysis
Brand Strategy
Print Goods (Optional)

Web Design

Site Design Mockups
Content Analysis
Website Strategy

The Branding Process

From start to finish

01 First, we develop a strategy

What is the goal of your brand? Who is your target market? What are your values as a business? These are all very important questions for you to answer before we get into any design work. We’ll use your answers to create a cohesive brand strategy, which will define your business and lay the path for your future endeavors. This is your entire brand in a nutshell.

02 After that, we begin the design process

Now it gets really fun! I create multiple designs for each element we work on, and each one goes through a revision process. Your input is very important! As we discuss changes and find the right visual path, I take the time to design each item thoughtfully, so that all your visuals fully represents who you are as a brand. We will remain true to the strategy we already developed together.

03 And then it’s time to roll it out!

You receive the final files, I do any installation required, and your visual branding is complete! It’s so exciting to get to this stage, and for you to have the finished product we’ve worked so hard on.

Are you ready to develop your brand and transform it into something beautiful & unforgettable? Contact me and we’ll talk about it over a virtual cup of coffee. I’m looking forward to meeting you!

Additional Services

Book Cover Design
Social Media Graphics
Blog Post Image Templates
Website Analysis & Advice
Print Goods