Karthika Gupta

branding & website


Karthika is a photographer who has done a wide variety of beautiful editorial and lifestyle work, and she wanted to really consolidate her various types of work and educational resources into one cohesive brand. Her goal is to preserve her clients memories so that they can treasure them forever. In addition to that, she provides valuable educational resources for aspiring photographers.

We developed a logo suite that remains true to Karthika and her love of nature while still being modern and simple. The waves icon represent the ocean as well as the movement and breadth of her business, while the simple line below represents the land and the steadiness that accompanies the business. The triangle icon in her logo marks represents the mountains and upward movement. Her website reflects the modern style of her visual identity with its asymmetrical layout. We added elegant and simple transitions to her website page content to add to the smooth and artistic feeling of the site. It’s built to be used on any platform, from phones to large desktops, and adjusts smoothly to each device!