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Why You Should Set Aside Time for Yourself

Why It's  Important to Set Aside Time for Yourself

It’s so important to set aside time for yourself and make sure that you don’t spend all your time working – and here’s why! 01 Set aside time for yourself to keep yourself energized In order to work hard you have to have energy! If you’re constantly going full-speed with your work, you will burn out very quickly. You’ll not only lose the energy to work, but will lose the energy for your personal life….


How to Love Your Job

How To Love Your Job

Freelancing is a pretty amazing way to work. You are able to set your own hours, determine your own clients, work from home if you want, and let your creativity be a huge part of what you do. There are downsides, however. You are you own boss, so you have to keep yourself accountable for every bit of work that needs to be done. If you’re in the arts, a lot of your work requires…


Why Inspiration Is Not Overrated

Why Inspiration Is Not Overrated

Let’s admit it – creative inspiration is overrated. Well, at least to a large group of people it is! Inspiration is something that is available in so many different online formats (think Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter, and more), that it can feel overdone at times. However cliche it may seem though, I still believe that inspiration is an important part of anyone’s life, and especially in the life of a freelancing artist. And here’s why. 01…