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Why You Should Be Using Bonsai For Contracts, Invoices, and Project Management

One of the things I struggled with for a long time was keeping track of all active projects, sending invoices on time, and being consistent with contracts. There would be times where a client would take a while to reply to me, and I would half forget the details of what we were working on! On top of that I had to manually create and send invoices, as well as contracts. This meant I had to remind myself of how much a person was paying me every time I created an invoice. That got painful when I was doing monthly payment plans.

Then I discovered Bonsai. Here’s why you should be using it too.

Why You Should Be Using Bonsai for Contracts, Invoices, and Project Management

Why You Should Never Post Pricing On Your Website

For the longest time I debated whether or not to post my pricing on my website. Part of me didn’t want to because I didn’t want to alienate ideal clients who I’d be willing to tweak pricing for. Part of me did want to show it so that people would know right off the bat if we were both in the same price range, instead of having to take that extra step of emailing me in order to find out.

At the end of the day, it really comes down to what works best for you, so the title of this post might be a little too black and white! However, I’d recommend that freelancers not put their pricing on their websites, and here’s why.

Why You Should Never Post Pricing On Your Website

How to Make Your Tax Day Easy As a Freelancer

My absolute least favorite part about being a freelancer is dealing with taxes. Most people never even see the money that employers set aside for their employees taxes – but freelancers not only pay a higher rate (income tax as well as the self-employment tax) but have to pay 100% of their own taxes. This can be so overwhelming and stressful even just to think about, much less actually deal with. (Being a libertarian I take issue with the system, but that’s another subject!)

Despite these difficulties, there IS a way that freelancers can make tax day not only less stressful, but easy to handle. Here are five key ways to make tax day easy for you!

How to Make Your Tax Day Easy As a Freelancer

How Inbox for Gmail Can Help Your Client Process

I never used to be a fan of Gmail – I always preferred to use the native Mail app on my Mac. But a while ago I started rethinking my whole client onboarding process, and I knew I needed to simplify my email system. As it was, I had three main email inboxes. (One for work, one for personal communication, and an old one that needs to be checked every once in a while) I would mark all emails that needed to be answered as unread, and use that as a to-do list for everything that needed to be dealt with. The problem was that I always had to copy and paste my email templates. Emails could also get lost pretty easily in my inbox if they failed to be marked as unread, or if I simply forgot to make them that way.

Then I read Breanna’s post on keeping your email in check and I started to realize that Gmail might be the way to go. In the process of looking at my options I came across Inbox for Gmail (get it here) and I knew that was the direction I needed to go in, for the following reasons!

How Inbox for Gmail Can Help Your Client Process

Why You Should Use Pinterest for Your Own Business

So many of us love Pinterest and use it on a daily basis. We use it to pin beautiful photos, memes, and recipes we want to make. Because it’s such a huge platform, it’s definitely something you should be utilizing on a regular basis in order to grow and promote your business. And here’s why!

Why You Should Use Pinterest for Your Business