About Me
& My Business

Hello! I’m Hannah

A graphic designer & developer

My passion is helping creatives like you develop their brands into something unique, beautiful, and memorable – but most of all, something that is true to who they and their business are!

You started your own business, whether it’s a blog, services, or products that you provide – and that is a pretty amazing thing to have done. It takes a huge amount of motivation, determination, and vision to break free from convention and create a business completely on your own! A large part of succeeding in that path is to have a solid business identity, strategically as well as visually.

I care very strongly about helping you create a strong strategic foundation, so that your visual branding is a true reflection of your deeply-held values and goals. What that means is that before getting to graphics, I will work with you on defining your business and creating a strategy that will help you succeed beyond your own expectations. That will be the basis for the visuals (the fun part), from the logo to the website to the print products! All of those elements will combine to form your unique identity. I want you to have a solid, beautiful brand that you are proud of and confident in!

In my personal life I am a coffee drinker, music lover, believer in Jesus, and fan of all things minimalistic. I am creatively fueled by Pinterest, Instagram, Dribbble, and coffee. In addition to designing and developing for creatives, I blog about freelancing and design, and share ideas I’ve picked up along the way.