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Why You Should Use Pinterest for Your Own Business

So many of us love Pinterest and use it on a daily basis. We use it to pin beautiful photos, memes, and recipes we want to make. Because it’s such a huge platform, it’s definitely something you should be utilizing on a regular basis in order to grow and promote your business. And here’s why!

Why You Should Use Pinterest for Your Business

01 Your Pinterest gives you an audience

Your Pinterest followers are an audience that have only one interest. That interest is solely in the images that you pin. (As well as the images pinned by the others that they follow) This gives you a huge opportunity to do two things at the same time: give your followers the images that they want, and promote what you offer as a business. I believe that the best piece of advice I could give anyone who produces content for others is to focus on what it is that your audience wants and needs. When you prioritize them they will engage so much more with your content.

Prioritize your clients and they will engage with your content. Tweet This

Your Pinterest followers will see all the images that you pin, whether they’re of your own creation or repins from others. This gives you an opportunity to directly influence what they see on a daily basis.

02 Your Pinterest is a showcase for what you sell

Your followers’ feeds then become showcases for what you offer as a business, whether that’s a service or a product. You’ve been given a certain amount of space within each person’s feed to post your own content, which becomes the perfect opportunity to do your own advertising! However, this doesn’t mean you should always and only pin images that promote yourself. That wouldn’t be putting the potential client first. What you should do is mostly repin images that are not your own but generally relate to what you offer, and then pin your own images every so often. This allows you to produce content that your followers want, and adding your own in will create much more organic interest in what you offer.

03 Your Pinterest attracts your ideal clients

When you repin images that truly reflect your business focus and style, you will attract followers who are interested in the same things. For myself, I pin images that are minimalistic, design-oriented, inspirational, and artistic. I’m very careful to curate my feed so that all the images have the same general look and style (I.e. The color scheme of each is normally neutral). This creates unity and consistency. It’s also the same type of work that I do myself. So when people follow me because they’re interested in the images in my feed, chances are that they will see something I created and be attracted to it as well because it fits so well within the overall theme of my feed. When I get an inquiry from someone who found me through Pinterest, nine times out of ten they are an ideal client.

04 Pinterest requires minimal energy

What I love about using Pinterest is that it’s fun and doesn’t require a lot of hard work to make it useful. All that’s required is time and a good eye. I start off each work day by spending about thirty minutes on Pinterest, pinning images that fit within the style of my feed. Sometimes I’ll upload my own image within that, sometimes I won’t. That’s all the effort that it takes. Because people are always looking for new content, your number of followers will grow no matter what. The more you pin, the more curated your feed is, the more people will follow you.

And it’s fun! I don’t just use Pinterest because it promotes my business. I primarily use it because I enjoy it and it’s a relaxing and inspirational way to start my work day. At the end of the day you need to do what works for you!