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How to Create a Beautiful Instagram Feed

Instagram is a powerful marketing tool, and using it as a way to promote your business is an awesome thing to do. Most people are on Instagram, and are hungry for lots of quality content. One of most difficult parts of using Instagram, however, is curating a beautiful feed! It’s so easy to post content that is beautiful on its own, but doesn’t fit with the rest of your images. This is something I’ve struggled with for a long time, and recently I’ve discovered some essential tips for how to create your own beautiful Instagram feed.

How to Create a Beautiful Instagram Feed

01 Pick Your Feed Topics

Most important to your feed is deciding what you’re going to post about. Think of your feed as eye candy that you’re providing for another person. You want to give them something that will consistently appeal to them. That means that you need to be choosy with what you post about. Who do you want to attract? Are you posting content for people who appreciate good design? Or people who enjoy beautiful photography? If it’s photography, what specific type do they enjoy? Is it a certain look and style, or is it a certain topic?

It’s ultimately important for you to post what is relevant to you and your business, but considering what your viewers want will be very helpful in narrowing down your topics. For me, I post about design (from blog posts to client work), style, and an occasional photo just for fun. What ties this more broad spectrum of topics together is twofold – I’m posting content for people who enjoy beautiful, minimalistic content; and I use the variety of the styles of the posts to create a varied feed.

So for example, I stagger types of images. I’ll post a style photo, maybe a flat lay like this, and then the next image will be a simple graphic like this. Creating variety in the types of images you post will create interest and make your feed unique.

02 Choose Your Instagram Feed Color Scheme

It’s also important to choose a general color scheme for your feed. You can be as specific or general as you like! The general rule is that you want all the colors of your images to compliment each other. For example, you don’t want to post mostly neutral colored photos and then randomly post an image that’s highly saturated with bright colors. If you know you won’t be posting bright photos on a regular basis, then it’s a good rule of thumb to keep those types of images out of your feed.

My main feed colors are nudes and neutrals, an occasional black, and green. I sometimes post images with other complimentary colors (like blue and orange) but these images are used as a way to add variety to the overall theme, and I make sure that these images’ colors mix well with the neutrals that make up most of the rest of my feed

03 Decide on an editing style

Consistency in photo editing is a huge part of creating a beautiful feed! This is partially how you can establish a consistent color scheme. When you use the same editing style for all your photos, they will end up having the same color tones and “look.” This creates consistency, which is so important for any Instagram feed!

I use VSCOcam on my phone, and I use the exact same filter for every photo that I post! I do go into the tools for each one and adjust settings as necessary (brightening the photo, upping contrast, tweaking shadow tones, changing the color tint, etc.), but the overall editing remains the same for each photo. On top of giving my photos the same look, it saves me time because I already know how I’ll edit each photo!

04 Check it on Your Computer!

This is the most important tip I can give! If you have a computer, check your photos for Instagram on it before posting them. Sometimes phone screens will not be correctly calibrated. Colors will look one way on your phone, but then slightly different on your computer. So step one is to make sure your computer is correctly calibrated. (There are simple, built-in processes for any computer that will walk you through calibrating your screen) Step two is to check every photo on that correctly calibrated computer and make sure that the colors look just right.

My phone actually has a little too much of a green tint. For the longest time I didn’t realize this, but was always annoyed that whenever I posted something on Instagram and had it post to Facebook as well, it would have too much magenta. For a while I thought it was Instagram messing up the colors when I posted a photo, but I quickly realized that it was my phone. From then on I’ve checked each image on my correctly calibrated laptop and every post has been just fine!

05 Download the App Mosaico

This is the second most important tip! I think everyone can identify with feeling unsure about your Instagram post before actually posting it! You never know exactly how it will look with the rest of your feed until it’s a part of it. This is where Mosaico is a life saver! It’s an app that’s available for a few dollars, and it’s essentially an Instagram feed planner. You can add all the photos your planning on posting to Instagram and rearrange them to figure out what will look the best. This is an amazing way to visualize your feed before actually making it public!

In addition to rearranging images, you can add captions and even post to Instagram from the app, which is a huge plus! I’ve been using Mosaico for the past few weeks and it has really transformed my feed and my process for planning social media posts!

Do you have any tips or tricks for perfecting your Instagram feed that have worked well for you?

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