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Why You Should Set Aside Time for Yourself

It’s so important to set aside time for yourself and make sure that you don’t spend all your time working – and here’s why!

Why It's  Important to Set Aside Time for Yourself

01 Set aside time for yourself to keep yourself energized

In order to work hard you have to have energy! If you’re constantly going full-speed with your work, you will burn out very quickly. You’ll not only lose the energy to work, but will lose the energy for your personal life. It’s important to stay energized for the sake of your work and your personal life!

02 Set aside time for yourself so you can do better work

Part of why setting aside time for yourself is so important is that it will make you do better work! When you’re doing all those things – taking breaks, letting yourself be inspired, and finding a time to totally shut off work – you will find that your own work quality will vastly improve! Your creativity will remain strong, your drive to work won’t disappear on you, and you’ll keep your motivation to work harder and better. You’ll benefit, your clients will benefit, and your work will benefit too!

03 Set aside time for yourself so you’ll stay happy and healthy

This is one of the biggest reasons why it’s so important to set aside time for yourself! The mind is incredibly powerful, and overworking it can have a crazy impact on the rest of your body. In the past I have had panic attacks over the amount of work I’ve had, and have had periods of time where I just don’t feel well due to stress. Your health and happiness are more important than work – don’t let your body get stressed out because of work! Any type of work, especially freelancing, requires balance.

Your health and happiness are more important than work – don’t let your body get stressed out because of work!
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04 So how can you set aside time for yourself?

Take Breaks During Work

This has been one of the most important things that I’ve started doing. Each day at lunch I’ll take a thirty minute break and make myself lunch (personal favorite: cheese quesadilla with lettuce, onions, sour cream, salsa, and ghost pepper hot sauce) and watch one of my favorite tv shows. It gives me a chance to stop thinking about work, eat food that makes me happy, and give my mind a break by watching a show that I love. I can’t stress enough how important it is to let your mind transition away from work to something else! Focusing too long and too hard on anything is mentally difficult and exhausting in every way.

Prioritize Inspiration

It might seem overrated to some, but inspiration is so important! This is another way you can let your mind transition to something else. When you set aside time to view things that inspire you (i.e. images on Pinterest, your favorite Instagramers’ photos, empowering articles from Facebook) it boosts your own creativity and makes you feel so much more ready to take on your own work. I set aside about thirty minutes each morning to spend on Pinterest, and at some point during the day I’ll take a quick break and scroll through Instagram. It helps me feel excited about my work, and inspires me to do even better! (Read more about why inspiration is so important here!)

Find a Time to Be Done With Work

It can be so easy, especially as a freelancer, to never really stop working. Most of us have all of our business accounts on our personal phones, iPads, and laptops; so when we get a notification about something work-related we generally look at it right then. This can be a problem if it means that you never really stop dealing with work! Yes, you should be there for your clients – but it’s important to allow yourself to completely stop at some point during the day. For me, once the work day is over (around five or six pm), I will not answer any new emails (unless it’s an emergency), or do any more work. I even try not to read any new emails that I get so I won’t be thinking about them! This really helps give me a safe time where I can relax and take time for me (i.e. work out and watch a movie!)

Get Out of the House (or Office)

If you’re like me and work from your home (for me it’s my bedroom!), it can get very easy to feel like not working because you’re in a comfortable, familiar environment that doesn’t encourage long work hours. If that’s the case, set aside days to leave that environment and go somewhere new! I generally take one to three days during the work week to spend the work day at a coffee shop. For me personally it does so much to keep me on track and energized about work!

  1. FElicia says:

    I truly enjoyed this article! It was exactly what I needed to read right now. I have been so consumed with growing my blog and branding lately that I have not taken much needed self-care time.