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Why Inspiration Is Not Overrated

Let’s admit it – creative inspiration is overrated. Well, at least to a large group of people it is! Inspiration is something that is available in so many different online formats (think Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter, and more), that it can feel overdone at times. However cliche it may seem though, I still believe that inspiration is an important part of anyone’s life, and especially in the life of a freelancing artist. And here’s why.

Why Inspiration Is Not Overrated

01 Inspiration is a real thing

Creative work requires an inspired artist

Artists have different things required of them than someone who might deal with numbers or spreadsheets – they rely on their own creativity to make a living. There is definitely a big part of their work that doesn’t require that creativity, such as emailing, bookkeeping, and any technical work that has to be done in addition to the artistic side of the job. But what truly makes or breaks them as an artist is their natural talent and how they develop that skill.

The fuel for an artist’s creativity is inspiration. Tweet This

To do their best work, an artist needs their creativity to be at its peak. And the way to get there is by inspiration.

02 Sharing Ideas Helps Us Create Our Own

Seeing something from another person’s perspective helps you to broaden your own mind and develop your own new ideas! We each have our own unique set of thoughts and ideas, and sharing those with each other helps each one of us create new thoughts and ideas. I can’t even tell you how many times the work or words of someone else has inspired and helped me! Hearing an encouraging word when the freelance life is getting hard can completely turn your day around. Seeing the beautiful work of another designer can give you fresh ideas and inspiration for your own work. Reading articles on new ways to work with and communicate with clients can make your client process that much easier.

I’ve benefited on a daily basis from these types of ideas! They are invaluable to any person, and especially a creative freelancer.

03 You Cannot Be Completely Original

Everything we see in life is a dirivitive of something else – nothing is 100% unique. And that’s okay! All the things we see around is in life influence what we create. Yes, originality is important, but it can never be completely achieved. So don’t stress yourself out over creating something that no one in the world has ever seen before! Follow your own ideas and thoughts. Inspiration is not about copying another’s work – it is about giving you new ideas of your own through seeing the work of others.

04 Inspiration Is Fun

I love Pinterest. It’s just fun! It inspires me to see the beautiful work of others, whether it’s design, development, print, photography, or interior design (Scandinavian design makes me SO happy). So go for it, and don’t feel silly for loving your own favorite inspiration. It’s a wonderful thing!

05 My Favorite Sources Of Inspiration

I have a good number of sources of inspiration (including ones that aren’t online!). But some of my favorite online resources are:

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