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How Dropbox Can Help Your Client Process

I’ve been using Dropbox as a part of my client process for a long time now, and totally love how easy it makes the file-sharing part of my work! Here are the best aspects of Dropbox, and how they can help you and your client process.

How Dropbox Can Help Your Client Process

01 All Files Are In One Place

As soon as I start working with a client, I create a Dropbox folder just for them, and invite them to be a collaborator so that they have access to it directly from their Dropbox account. What is so great about it is that everything stays in that one folder, whether it’s the initial documents (contract, timeline, etc.), their photos and files for their website, or final logo files. I used to email my clients everything, which worked fine, but the problem was that things got easily lost. Sometimes a client would ask me to send a file again if they couldn’t find it in our old email exchanges; other times a client would reference something I’d sent them and I’d have to go searching through our emails to figure out what they were talking about.

But with Dropbox it all stays in one place! And if I make revisions to something, I can either override the original version, or include the new one alongside the original. Either way no graphics get lost, and both me and the client can see all the information that we have shared with each other.

02 It’s Easy for Clients to Use

Most people have Dropbox, and if they don’t, they normally know what it is. It’s an easy platform to install and use, which is definitely important! You as the business owner have a responsibility to cater to your clients and make the jobs that you give them as easy to complete as possible – and that includes making sure that any platforms you use are simple to understand and easy to use.

It’s especially awesome when it comes to sharing lots of photos, such as when a photographer needs to send you all the images for their website portfolio. It’s as simple as copying and pasting, and no one has to worry about how to transfer all those files!

03 Filing Out Questionnaires Is Easy

Dropbox Paper is something that was just released, and it’s pretty amazing! It’s very similar to Google Docs, in that it lets you create a document with all types of content – text, to-do lists, embedded images and videos, even code!, and then send it to another person for them to add their own content to. They distinguish between what you add and what other people add, which keeps things easy to read and organized.

The best part is that you can use it for client questionnaires. It’s simple for a client to go to the link and answer the questions. They don’t have to worry about copying and pasting questions from a pdf or word doc into a new document and then going through the whole process of saving and sending it. It’s right there online for both of you to access!

04 You Can Access Files From Any Place

It works great as a file backup system as well!

It doesn’t matter if you don’t have your work computer with you – if you need to access client files you can do it from any device you might have on hand! I think this is especially helpful when traveling. Packing and unpacking laptops is normally not the most fun, especially if you’ve packed things in really well! So being able to pull out your phone or iPad and deal with client files and emails is so nice.

You can also let Dropbox function as a backup system – save all your client files directly to it, and you’ll have them both on your main computer and online. I’d only advise doing this if you’re paying for extra space, as it will take up a lot, but it can be a really great system!

  1. marcia says:

    Oh, man. I totally never thought about using Dropbox. Thank you for this, it was so helpful.