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How Dropbox Can Help Your Client Process

How Dropbox Can Help Your Client Process

I’ve been using Dropbox as a part of my client process for a long time now, and totally love how easy it makes the file-sharing part of my work! Here are the best aspects of Dropbox, and how they can help you and your client process. 01 All Files Are In One Place As soon as I start working with a client, I create a Dropbox folder just for them, and invite them to be…


The Significance of Using a Client Questionnaire


As a freelancer, I use a client questionnaire for nearly every single area of work that I do – primarily branding, visual identity, and web design. The only time I don’t use a questionnaire is when I do more basic work, like book covers or small graphic design pieces. As time has gone on I’ve refined my questionnaire and have found them to be incredibly helpful for a variety of reasons! If you’re a freelancer…


Starting Fresh As A Business and Why It’s Important


Hello! Welcome to this new blog. I’m going to be sharing thoughts on freelancing, tips and advice I’ve learned throughout the years of owning my own business, and some of the process of designing for branding clients. However – I switched my business name, overhauled my website, and have made some big changes in my business, so I thought that for this first post I would explain why I’ve done that, and why those changes…